Mega Project

School Counselling. We target 8th Class Students to counsel him on which field is good for you in the future and which subject is good for you. We tell you about all fields. Our team tells about the Computer sciences scope, Engineering scope, Medical, and Arts Field. We tell you all the details about this field. And such students ask a question about this field our team give all the answer related to this field. And we tell about the Commerce field also

Problem Faces

´We target the School but this is very difficult work to searching for schools. Because in these days we are facing Corvid 19 so 2 to 3 schools refuse our Project. They don’t allow Permission to do counseling in her School. I visit my School, three times. First time I go to check the condition of School. Second time. I tell you about our mega project of counseling 8th class students. They give me permission but they don’t call me. They say that we call you. The third time I and my sister go to school and tell about our Project. They say ok we call you next week. But they don’t call me. I personally target. OTI Grammar high school. I tell about to my Group members my school does not answer me. So what can I do? They told me we go together. Me, Haider, and Ubaid were decided to go in a group to get Permission. So we decided to go to Government College Township School. We go to this School. The principle is late we talk with Math’s Teacher. We tell you all things we decided. They tell their stories. They talk about Politics. They waste 1 Hour. We decided to leave this school and go to search for another school. We are going but we hear a voice. The principle is calling you. We talk with Principle and tell about our Project. We target 8th class students because they face a lot of problems to choose their subjects. So we counsel 8th class student and guide us to which subject and field are good for you. They ask to show how you represent. Our batch fellow represents and they ask we don’t allow to you present your project in our school. Because this is a government school. All Tv channels check government school so we don’t allow you. They waste 2 hours. These Problems we face in this mega project.

Good feedback from School

´We were going to a Private school. This is good for us, Privates school give good feedback. We tell about our Project. We counsel 8th class students to which filed and the subject is good for you. Madam is very happy with our project they ask can you counsel our Teacher. So we ask no mam we counsel Students. But you applied to Amal academy for good counseling. This story of the school is Akram School. They give us permission to counsel their student. We are going to another school. The school's name is Spirit school. They like our idea but they don’t call our group again.

Counseling Students.
Ubaid Represent

´Ubaid represent Engineering and computer sciences field. They speak about all fields in engineering and computer sciences. Which field is good for you in the future. They tell about each and everything about this field. Such students ask questions about this field they give answers about this field. We give sheets to every student to which field do you like mostly students ask about the computer and engineering field. Ubaid gives all the answers to this field. They give 30 minutes for students to tell their field.

Counseling Students.
Amna Represent.

´Amna is for the medical field, they tell about the medical field and they tell about how you enter in the medical field and what marks you require. They tell in matric you needed 90% in Inter you needed 87 to 90%.and you were got this and you have an entry test they are must in medical. And you were all clear then you were going to MBBS side. In MBBS there is a lot of fields. Veterinarian Field, Dental field, and MBBS field. They brief good of all fields in medicine. The students were very happy with his lecture. They told each and everything in the Medical field. They told in MBBS you have 5 Years, in dental, you have 4 years and 1 year of house job. Amna delivers the longest lecture they give 45 Minutes. To their students.

Counseling Students.
Faizan Represent

´Faizan represents Commerce and CA field they tell about every Charted accountant is qualified from ICAP. There is an institution of CA. In our country mostly students. Go in this field they related to commerce and they tell everything about this field they tell about CA to have 5 years to complete their degree. And I am Osama Malik. I'll manage the camera so I tell my ideas to Faizan because I cover the Camera. My related field is Commerce and banking. I give all the ideas to him they give lectures on my field. Because my work is on camera to click Picture and build video. Such students ask questions about his field they give her answer. And they ask you were do Icom and get 60% marks and get admission to CA. and they tell in graduation your related fields are BBA, BCOM, BS(Accounting & Finance). They brief all things. They give 20 minutes to give his lecture to their students.

School Name
The Arqam School

´In Arqam school we counsel the students. There is good feedback on their whole school and especially madam they were happy with our work. They ask in need of counseling the students call me. Mam is the Partner of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. Mam says I attend his session you need his session call me and text me Gmail. If you are interested. To attend the session of Qasim Ali Shah.

Group Work

I, Amna, Ubaid, Faizan. was going to School and represent our Project of counseling the school. We love this work we face such problems but this Project gets a lesson to our hold team. In teamwork you to everything. Thanks to my team and my all members.

Pictures and Videos take by
Osama Malik

´I am Osama Malik. I click the Pictures and build a video but there is low audio sound so we don’t enter. We love this work. and Thanks to my whole team to give me this chance. I want to deliver lectures but time is over. So I do this job.

Time Duration

We give1 hour and 20 minutes to deliver our lecture this is a good experience for me and my team. Thanks to amal team forgive this Project

Team Member

´Osama Malik

´Faizan ( Group Leader )





´ Thanks all of you for Participating with me. I am very happy to work with you. Stay happy Stay Blessed our Team.